Since January 2008, Chiterion has successfully partnered with Carlsberg, a renowned global brewery, to create a remarkable marketing case in the beer packaging industry. Together, we have designed and manufactured a series of innovative beer packs tailored specifically for Carlsberg's North American market.


Our collaboration with Carlsberg extends to various brands, including Tuborg, Carlsberg, 1664, Sombersby, and Holsten, among others. We have developed beer packs in different sizes, ranging from 6 Tins/Bottles to 12 Tins/Bottles and 24 cans/Bottles, catering to the diverse preferences of beer enthusiasts in North America.


One of the key highlights of our beer packs is their ability to keep the beverages chilled. Designed to fit refrigerators and commercial super freezers, our beer packs allow consumers to store the beer cans or bottles in freezing temperatures. This feature ensures that consumers can enjoy an ice-cold and refreshing beer at parties or in the comfort of their homes, even after hours of driving.


Beyond functionality, our beer packs also contribute to enhancing the brand value of Carlsberg. We have incorporated an exquisite wine pattern and prominently displayed Carlsberg's logo on the packaging. This attention to detail not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also serves as a powerful branding tool, reinforcing the recognition and reputation of Carlsberg's products.


Moreover, we have considered the sustainability aspect of our beer packs. Consumers can easily recycle the packaging, aligning with Carlsberg's commitment to environmental responsibility. Furthermore, our beer packs can be repurposed for purchasing other chilled or warm food items. With vivid full coverage advertisement printing, these packs serve as effective promotional tools, showcasing Carlsberg's brand message to a wider audience.


The successful collaboration between Chiterion and Carlsberg in designing and producing these innovative beer packs exemplifies our expertise in creating functional, visually appealing, and sustainable packaging solutions. Through our partnership, we have provided Carlsberg with a competitive edge in the North American market, offering consumers a delightful beer experience and reinforcing the brand's identity.




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