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rPET is pet (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic that has been recycled. PET is a durable and strong recyclable material, a recycled plastic that is used in the manufacture of water bottles, food containers, and soda bottles, etc. And rpet is widely used in products such as clothes, shoes, car parts, and rPET bags.

RPET Material
Usually derived from recycled pet plastic, rpet is widely used because of its ability to be used to make products such as plastic bottles, clothing, and bags. Using rpet will be more environmentally friendly than using virgin pet, and the durability and ability to be recycled multiple times allows rpet to minimize its impact on the environment compared to traditional pet. The use of rpet promotes the reuse of materials and reduces pollution to the environment. rpet manufactured products are also becoming increasingly valued by such consumers who have a sustainable mindset.

recycle material         

Recycled Material
Recycled materials are renewable resources, which refer to uncontaminated household waste that is suitable for recovery and recycling. Recycled materials can minimize waste, and are the main focus of domestic waste separation and an important factor in waste reduction at this stage.       
Recycled Canvas

Canvas waste can be recovered and recycled to make recycled fabric, saving the use of fabric. Recycled canvas is durable and beautiful, our products feature recycled canvas, and we produce a series of shopping bags, promotional shopping bags, promotional cosmetic bags, shoulder bags, and other products made of recycled canvas for you to choose from.

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Recycled Nylon
Nylon is a plastic product that we can't live without, and it is widely used in various industries. And recycled nylon makes a significant contribution to sustainable development. Because recycled nylon is made from waste materials, the pollution to the environment can be reduced. We make recycled nylon into shoulder bags, ice bags, arm bags, and storage bags, etc., which are environmentally friendly and fashionable..
recycled nylon        

Chiterion has always maintained a high level of responsibility towards the environment. On our website, we are actively involved in the recycling of waste plastics, designing and producing products made from recycled rpet materials, reducing our dependence on natural resources and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Not only are our products environmentally friendly, but they are also designed to be durable and stylish, and Chiterion's design team carefully crafts each bag to ensure that it is in line with current fashion trends, while remaining practical and functional. Therefore, purchasing one of our rpet bags is a great way to support the environment and fulfill your practical needs and fashion tastes.

In our official website you can see a lot of products made from rpet recycled materials, our original intention is to make more consumers can participate in environmental protection action, the concept of environmentally friendly products.

If you want to purchase rpet shopping bags, rpet cooler bags, rpet backpacks, rpet cosmetic bags and other bags made of recycled materials, please contact our sales team.

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