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October 09, 2023

With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness and the increase of new energy sources, the relevant departments have begun to advocate environmental protection and energy saving. Because with the rapid development of society, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, in order to get rid of this white pollution, many countries around the world in a short period of time from the "Plastic Restriction Order" to the "Plastic Prohibition Order". More and more people begin to pay attention to let the plastic bag slowly out of the packaging market, the use of non-woven bags are promoted.

Protect the environment and stay away from the use of plastic bags

With the continuous escalation of the plastic ban and plastic restriction, environmentally friendly packaging has become a general trend. As an internationally recognized eco-friendly product to protect the earth's ecological environment, non-woven fabrics are environmentally friendly and inexpensive, which is one of the important factors that are becoming more and more favored compared with traditional plastics. In order to correspond to the call for environmental protection, Chiterion's vision is sustainable development, so we advocate to our customers to use non-woven environmental protection bags instead of plastic bags, and develop non-woven environmental protection bag programs for major enterprises and superstores.

Non-woven bags are being rapidly promoted as a new alternative to plastic bags, and their advantages are obvious to all. Among them, non-woven environmental protection bags can be naturally degraded, the degradation time is shorter than plastic bags, while it can be used repeatedly.

wine promotion bag

What bags can be made of non-woven material?

The plastic restriction was enacted to solve the problem of environmental protection. At present, non-woven products are widely used in product packaging, company promotion, exhibition distribution, supermarket shopping and other fields, in the real estate industry, furniture industry, media industry, mother and child industry, medical industry, insurance industry, education industry, communication industry, financial industry, food industry, tourism industry, wedding studio industry and so on, which is stronger and more durable than the traditional paper bags and woven bags, super load-bearing, Moisture-proof, suitable for air permeability, easy to decompose, economic and environmental protection, recyclable.

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