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More and more companies are trying to use promotional shopping bags to raise awareness for their business, but how do you really utilize the promotional bag as a tool to promote your business?

This IKEA example isn't really a promotional bag in the traditional sense, but the popularity and visibility of this shopping bag is enough to make it an interesting marketing case. We'll analyze it for you today on the Chiterion blog channel.


IKEA, the Swedish home and housewares retailer, is known for its iconic blue shopping bag. This blue compiled shopping bag, also known as the "FRAKTA" shopping bag, is a large, sturdy, reusable shopping bag. Provided for customers to use to carry items purchased at IKEA malls, it is made utilizing durable polypropylene material, and its distinctive blue color and large IKEA logo make it a symbol of the IKEA brand. In 2006, IKEA decided to capitalize on the popularity of these shopping bags with a unique marketing campaign.

Campaign Objectives : 

IKEA aimed to increase brand awareness and store traffic by turning the blue shopping bags into a promotional tool.

Marketing strategy:

At first, the "FRAKTA" bags were not designed to be a promotional tool, but rather a practical and sturdy bag for users to take their purchases home with them after shopping. However, IKEA realized the popularity of the blue bag and decided to use it as a marketing tool.

Economical and Prectical

The FRAKTA shopping bag is positioned by IKEA as an affordable and practical solution for un-carried home and household goods. The durability and size of the blue shopping bag make it a great accessory for shoppers. Consumers can take their purchases home in the large, splash-proof bag.

IIiIconic Design

With its bright blue and yellow logo design, the bag makes a visual impact and the color combination instantly reminds people of the IKEA brand, making the FRAKTA shopping bag a unique symbol of IKEA.


IKEA has always advocated sustainable development, consumers can take it home and use it in their daily lives, this recyclable FRAKTA shopping bag perfectly fits with IKEA's design concept.

Cultural Phenomenon

People will use the FRAKTA shopping bag for a variety of unintended shopping uses, such as moving, designing DIY, etc.

After introducing the background and strategy of IKEA's blue shopping bag, follow Chiterion's blog to see what effect this FRAKTE shopping bag plays in IKEA's marketing strategy.

Brand Awareness: 

The FRAKTA shopping bag has become synonymous with IKEA. The blue bag is no longer an ordinary promotional shopping bag, it is a symbol of IKEA while increasing the global awareness of the IKEA brand.

Social Media Buzz: 

The FRAKTA shopping bag has allowed many DIY enthusiasts to share remodeling tips, creative uses and a few tricks of the trade on the internet. This no-cost promotion has definitely added another wave of heat to IKEA.

Sales Promotion: 

The bag itself is not allowed to be sold individually, so this will bring foot traffic and more purchases to IKEA malls, on the one hand, shoppers will buy more than they planned to when they enter the malls, and on the other hand, it will boost the spending power of the shoppers who are trying to get their hands on the blue shopping bag.

Sustainability Efforts: 

The bag is made of durable polypropylene, which allows the FRAKTA bag to be used in scenarios other than shopping, in line with IKEA's commitment to sustainability.

This IKEA promotional bag campaign provides a great example of how marketing strategies across companies can not only increase brand awareness, but also drive traffic from consumers engaging in discussions online through the well-planned and creative use of promotional bags. A simple promotional shopping bag became a highly sought-after item, and the FRAKTA shopping bag is more than just an item, it is a symbol of IKEA and a marketing success.

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