What is cooler bag? - Chiterion

November 28, 2022
What is cooler bag? - Chiterion

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Remember the days when you went to the beach with a bulky box? This way you can drink iced drinks on a hot beach. Don't do it again! While you can still buy retro hard-sided freezers, now there are cooler, more convenient, lighter, and more convenient cooler bag! As an advertising tool, the promotional cooler bag are an excellent choice for customers who enjoy picnicking, hiking, fishing, or relaxing on the beach.

Simply put, a cooler bag is an airtight bag that has a thermostatic effect and helps keep the contents cold and warm. The insulation layer of the product is ultra-thick pearl cotton, which has a good insulation effect. Cooler bag can be folded and is convenient to carry. You can think of it as a walking refrig-erator that doesn't need to generate electricity. Cooler bag have insulating properties to help keep the contents warm.

Cooler bag provides a good solution to the problems caused by traditional cooler box, such as heavy weight, bulky, inconvenient to carry etc. That's why cooling bag are perfect for hikers, backpackers, and family picnics. But when you pack food and beverages in cooler bag, add ice cubes and they'll stay cold all day.They also solve the problem of some commuters bringing their own drinks, lunch and snacks to work, as there are models that double as lunch bag.

Some fast food restaurants we often see are using Cooler Bag, such as McDonald's and KFC or other fast food restaurant delivery food bags always have the function of heat preservation. 

In this way, we don't have to worry that the food will be cold when it is delivered to our hands because of the delivery delay, and we are not afraid that it will not taste good.

In life, the Cooler Bag solves a big problem for us. There are many things in life that need insulation.

We can also provide Backpack, Eco grocery bag,Cosmetic bag, Lunch bag, Delivery food bag etc. 

The free design team designs for you and supports various customizations. 

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