Grocery Bag


Grocery bag is a type of durable reusable shopping bags which can be reused many times(repeat use), in contrast to disposable paper or LDPE bags. It is often a tote bag made from strong and recycled materials or eco fabric such as recycled PP(RPP), recycled PET(RPET), recycled canvas,organic cotton, or other natural fibres such as jute,linen,bamboo,PLA, corn startch. They can be woven or knitten or felting or nonwoven. It can be stringdraw bag, mesh bag, diecut bag, tote bag, wheeled or without wheel. Our durable shopping bags can load over 20kgs, most of them can load over 50kgs. They are easy to be washed, most of them can be washed by both hand and machine. Or easy to clean by a mopping wiping cloth. 

Chiterion is the professional grocery bag manufacturer and reusable shopping bags supplier, our grocery bags are widely demanded and used in supermarkets and apparel shops. 

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