• What solutions we provide?

      Shopping experience in packing/moving/carrying/storage what you have shopped in an eco and sustainable way.

    • What solutions we provide?
    • What solutions we provide?

      Transportation/Delivery of chilled/frozen/hot/warm/roasted/BBQ food or drinks, beverages, medicines and cosmetics etc which requests an isolated,airtight,watertight, temperature maintenance in an eco,energy safe and zero power way.

    • What solutions we provide?
    • What solutions we provide?

      Outdoor travel experience in packing/moving/carrying/organizing your private belongings, cosmetics and luggage etc. in a resuable and eco way.

    • What solutions we provide?
    • What makes Chiterion different?
      Our creative and dynamic approach is our value‐add. We have specialized creative teams that give us the dexterity to take your story over the finish line.
      Full art department
      Packaging design and development team
      Professional Sales team 
      Professional Production team
      Professional customer services team 
      Experienced, forward-thinking leadership teams 
      Creative operations teams to handle asset creation, e-commerce logistics, photoshoot production, visual merchandising, and more.
      Our dedicated design team and production team are capable of providing customization solution to suit.
    • What makes Chiterion different?
    • Can you work with my budget?
      We understand that projects are often guided by unyielding budget feasibility. Producing innovative and interesting product at at both small and large volumes, within budget, is at the core of what we do. Give us a budget and we’ll work backwards from it.
      The close working relationship with customers enables our team to deliver a bespoke service that is second to none.
    • Can you work with my budget?
    • What are the steps in your process?
      The first step is easy: Tell us what you need.
      Once we establish intent, we jump into development, working quickly to bring each concept to life.
      As soon as final samples are approved, our merchandising and operations team will take over and do what they do best — make sure full orders are produced and delivered seamlessly.
    • What are the steps in your process?
    • What Variety and Options we make?
      We offer tons of options for material, weight, handles, piping, pockets, labels, and closures in a wide variety of styles, including Cooler bags, grocery bags, Travel Pouch etc with square corners, rounded corners, round bottoms, die-cut handles, and much more.
      If you need it, we can make it!
    • What Variety and Options we make?
    • Can you guarantee a delivery schedule?
      All projects are established by a timeline at the onset.
      With full operations teams , we have teammates working to ensure that development, production and transit stay on schedule.
    • Can you guarantee a delivery schedule?

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