How to check bag quality

April 09, 2024

A good bag requires nice design and good structure! If you have some knowledge of the bags and understand the "characteristics" of bags, you can communicate with merchants very smoothly! Here I will list the "terminology" and "characteristics" of the structure of several key points for you.

1. Shoulder strap (hand strap)

The fabric of the shoulder straps is generally made of the "fabrics" or "ingredients" of the bag body. The structure is two-layered, front and back, with a layer of coating PVC or "leather bran paper" glued in the middle. The connection between the shoulder straps and the bag body is generally "Hook" or "Rings" type hardware, the "connector" and "spring" parts of hardware hooks are generally easier to be broken, so pay more attention when buying a bag! If it is an "iron wire", pay more attention to the interface part of the rings. Some rings are "alloy" die-casting and have no interface. This kind of hardware is safe.

2. Bag zipper

A zipper consists of a zipper, a slider and a pull tag! Both sides are generally made of nylon. The "zipper teeth" in the middle are mainly divided into two types: "plastic teeth" and "metal teeth." How to identify the quality of a zipper?

First, check whether the "zipper teeth" have fallen off (subtle details). The tooth surface should be smooth, touch soft when pulled open with less noise.

Second, pull the slider several times to see if the connection between the slider and the zipper is smooth. The self-locking slider can be easily opened and locked without slipping.

Third, after tightening the zipper, bend part of the zipper with a little more force, and check whether there are any cracks (zipper teeth) while bending.

Fourth, look at the connection gap between the pull card and the slider. If the gap is large, the pull card will easily detach from the slider.

Finally, check the tensile strength of the zippers. Use a force perpendicular to the direction of the zipper and a fixed speed to act on the zipper to measure the tensile strength.

3. Bag body

The fabric of the bag body is called the "main material", and the fabrics of the handles, bag mouth and edges are called "ingredients". The front is called the "front panel", the back is called the "back panel", the left and right sides are called the left and right "side panels", the pockets outside the bag are called "outer pockets", the inner pockets are called "inner pockets", and the pockets in the middle of the inner body are called In the "partition bag", the covering surface of the bag mouth is called "hijab", the buckle connecting the hijab and the bag body is called "lizi", and the two parts connecting the handle and the bag mouth are called "ears".

In PART II, We will talk about the quality checking of fabric, hardware, sewing threads, etc.

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