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This is the inherent characteristics of dermis. We cut a small piece of skin and then observe its cross-section, you can clearly see the skin layer of sturdy fiber tissue, with the hand to go can be torn off one by one, these are in addition to the dermis outside the material does not have (in fact, there is already a "microfiber" material on the market is similar, but it does not have dermis the following other characteristics).



The natural fall of the leather surface has a clearer pores, all kinds of animal skin pore thickness varies, which is its own natural growth and become. However, the current tanning technology makes a variety of artificial leather surface pinholes enough to fake with the natural pores on the leather, which depends on the accumulation of experience, see more natural feeling.



All leather has a unique odor; and artificial leather has a stimulating strong plastic odor. There is a similar leather odor spray on the market, sprayed on the surface of artificial leather can also smell similar to the odor of leather, then you need to burn to identify, burn where the pungent odor, knotted pimples is artificial leather; where hair odor, not knot hard pimples is genuine leather.



leather feel elastic, the leather front downward bending 90 degrees or so there will be natural folds, respectively, bending different parts, resulting in the thickness of the folds, how much, there is a clear unevenness. And the general artificial leather surface astringent, rigid, poor softness. Non-senior experience or we do not recommend the use of this method of inspection, because now the market feel is the most can be imitated most really a leather characteristics.


5.BURN TEST (with caution)

Through the above two look, a smell, a touch, usually can identify whether the leather. But we find that the cross-section of the fibrous tissue and burning smell is the most direct method of identification. This method is not recommended for most people as it can damage the bag and is potentially hazardous. However, if you have a small piece of leather that can be sacrificed for testing, you can perform a burn test. Genuine leather will not melt; instead, it will curl and produce a smell like burnt hair.


Tip: Genuine leather material material measurement

Genuine leather, whether it is the first layer or two layers of leather, are based on the size of the area (square feet, the industry called "feet") measurement. 1 square feet = 12 inches x 12 inches. An ordinary cowhide usually have 17 feet to 27 feet ranging. In addition, a skin in the measurement is less than a foot, even if the better quality of the skin, its foot are only 95% or so, that is to say, to buy 100 feet of skin is 95 feet or so, this is the industry has been the practice.

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