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The shell of the cooling bag is generally made of durable and waterproof materials in order to protect the objects inside and improve insulation. Commonly used materials include, neoprene, nylon, polyvinyl chloride, canvas and other materials. Utilizing these materials enhances the longevity of the ice pack and is the best option for some outdoor enthusiasts.


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The key to keeping your ice pack warm or cold is this insulation.

The following are common insulation materials:

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Closed-cell foam

Closed-cell foam is a type of foam material that consists of sealed or closed cells. It is known for its unique structure, where the cells are encapsulated and not interconnected, resulting in a closed-off structure. This structure gives closed-cell foam its distinctive properties and benefits.

  1. Thermal linings
    Some cooler bags use specialized thermal linings that have insulating properties. These linings are typically made from materials like PEVA (Polyethylene vinyl acetate) or aluminum foil, which help to reflect heat and maintain the desired temperature inside the bag.

Zippers and Closures: Cooler bags often have zippers or other types of closures to securely seal the bag and prevent air from entering or escaping. These closures are typically made from durable materials such as nylon or plastic. closures are typically made from durable materials such as nylon or plastic.

These closures are typically made from durable materials such as nylon or plastic. Handles and Straps: Cooler bags are designed to be portable, so they often have handles or straps for easy carrying. These handles and straps are commonly made from materials like nylon webbing, polyester, or reinforced fabric to ensure they can withstand the weight of the bag and its contents.

It is safe to say that many materials can be used to make cooler bags, and we at Chiterion, the experts in cooler bag manufacturing, can customize them to meet the needs of our clients. The key to keeping the contents cool and insulated is to choose a good quality insulation material. Depending on the application, we can customize the ice packs to suit your needs.

We customize inexpensive promotional ice packs for beverage vendors, durable and waterproof ice packs for outdoor supply companies, stylish lunch ice packs for office workers, and large capacity and practical ice packs for camping families, to name a few.

The material of the cooler bag depends on your application. We welcome inquiries.

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