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When you move your items around in a large plastic cooler box, you may have storage challenges. Typically, boxes take up more space than freezer bags. Another big burden is that you may have to carry these boxes with you when you run out of space. And some coolers are heavy and large. When the case is full, you may have difficulty lifting the case.

So, think about the occasions when you need to use this durable insulated cooler bag. For example, do you often go to the beach in a group or just the two of you? Or do you go to outdoor barbecues with your friends or with your partner alone?Based on these types of questions you can determine whether you, a larger cooler bag, or a more manageable cool lunch bag. Therefore, in addition to the content in liters, look closely at the shape and content displayed in cans, this helps you to properly assess which bag model and size suits you best.

If you are the type of person who wants to enjoy a delicious salad on the beach, then you want your salad to be well chilled. This requires a much better insulated cooler bag than if you only want cold drinks throughout the day. All our cooler bags are equipped with high quality insulation material. Which guarantees that your salad stays cool and fresh.


Once you know what capacity and cooling capacity suits you, it's time to think about the mobility you want. Do you often take a day trip to the beach by bike? Or do you go on foot? Depending on your choice of transportation, you can adjust the cooler bag model. For example, if you often take the bike to the supermarket or the beach, the cool bicycle bag is a real godsend. This is because it is also easy to click on a shopping cart. But if you have a long walk planned then the cool backpack is a better option. Tip! Take your transportation into account when choosing a cool bag.


It’s very important to check the type of material present in cooler bags. The material used should have antimicrobial and waterproof features. Bad odour, mildew, and mold in food may result from poor-quality material. Of course, it isn’t acceptable since you’ll be using the bag for edibles. To make sure that cooler bags are safe for contact with food, look for those that use FDA-approved, food-grade material.

4.Durable and easy to clean

Cooler bags are more durable than boxes. A CHITERION cooler bag provides a higher level of protection by protecting the contents of the bag from potential damage from the outside. A travel cooler protects your food and beverages from spills by sealing the bag on long trips. Additionally, the materials used in marine coolers make it easier to clean. These boxes are often difficult to clean. The bag only needs detergent and water, and it dries quickly after washing.


Cooler bags provide the best thermal insulation. Any food or drinks that you put inside are kept nice and fresh for you to enjoy when you want to. Hot things are kept hot and cold things are kept cold. You do not only need to use one when you are going out on picnics, cooler bags can be used when you are transporting your groceries from the shop to your house. This will ensure that your food is always fresh.

6.Additional Features

Lastly, you can look at the additional features of the cooler bags. Most cooler bags often have extra pockets for your phone/keys or optional carrying straps. Our Mission Edition cool bag has extra reflectors by means of our logo on the side of the cool bag. So you are clearly visible on the bike. An extra tip: look out for an extra bottle holder. This is of course an indispensable function for a cool backpack that is used for hiking.

If you pay attention to the above points of advice when shopping for a cooler bag, you will always choose the cooler bag that suits you well.

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