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May 16, 2024

Bag Layout: the bag layout is based on the original identification of the bag(or design drawing, photography), using cardboard as material to draw out the shape of the components of the bag, and marking various marks on the paper grid components to indicate the manufacturing method of the bag. The department engaged in this kind of work is called the sampling room.



Based on the reference objects, the actual handbag (original version) or various pictures, we redesign and produce several products that meet the requirements. In a handbag factory, products are generally made according to customer requirements. Customers provide samples or pictures to the factory, and the master starts production based on the samples or pictures. Since the board room is responsible for sample production, the board room is the first to understand the product manufacturing process and technology as well as the production work of the product. Total quantity and product quality requirements. The board room is the engineering and technical department of the handbag factory. Other departments obtain information such as product process prices, raw materials and their quantities based on the prefabricated room, and carry out production cost budgeting based on raw material prices.



How to make a bag: Analyze the overall structure of the handbag. The structure is composed of three basic components: front panel, back panel, and wide band;

Analyze the shape of handbag components. The shapes of handbag components include rectangle, square, triangle, trapezoid, prism, circle, ellipse, regular polygon, etc. Although the shapes of handbag components are diverse, they also have the following characteristics:

1. They are all flat graphics.

2. Most of them are axially symmetrical figures. Therefore, only half of the component shape needs to be taken out, and the other half can be taken out by folding it in half along the axis of symmetry.

Bag design process: first, the main paper design, then the secondary structures paper design.

The process of general bag design is: back panel, front panel, bag body ,bottom & zipper. Make triangular notches and positions according to the structure of the bag, and write various text marks on the paper until the paper design is completed. It should be noted that the paper output should be added with the length of  stitching according to different needs.

Inspection method of paper design:

1. Inspection of the shape and size of the paper design: Fold the paper in half along the coordinate axis. The shapes should overlap, otherwise, it will fail.

2. Inspection of the shape and size of the paper: Compare the unenlarged paper with the actual bag, and make sure that the degree of overlap does not exceed the maximum allowable error.

3. Inspection of the triangular gap of the paper: The main inspection is whether the triangular gap can fully perform its four major functions; whether the size of the triangular gap is consistent.

4. Test the matching degree between paper: Use the paper to measure the paper and check whether it conforms to the structural rules.

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