Do You Know the Difference Between PU Leather and PVC Leather? - Chiterion

May 20, 2024

Believing that everyone is familiar with leather. It can be seen everywhere in daily life and is widely used in sofas, shoes, cosmetic bags, and various bags, etc. Maybe you know that it is synthetic leather, but you probably can’t tell which kind of leather they are. Let’s get to know these two types of artificial leather.

PU leather and PVC leather are two common material choices in the artificial leather market. Although they are both synthetic leathers, there are significant differences in material, texture, environmental protection, and use.


PU leather (Polyurethane) is an artificial leather material synthesized from polyurethane. It is made by coating polyurethane resin on a substrate and then going through processes such as processing and printing. In contrast, PVC leather (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a synthetic leather made of polyvinyl chloride resin, and its surface is coated.


PU leather usually has a texture and touch that is closer to natural leather, with a smooth, soft surface and a comfortable hand feel. In contrast, PVC leather has a relatively hard texture, a certain plastic feel, and a stiff touch.A simple test method, knead these two types of leather with your hands, you will find that the PU leather will have a certain rebound, while the PVC leather will have irrecoverable creases. Of course, with the development of technology, PVC leather is getting closer and closer to PU leather, and its feel can also be closer and closer to PU leather.


3)Environmental protection

Nowadays, people no longer blindly pursue genuine leather products, because behind the use of genuine leather is killing, and precious animal skins are cruelly stripped off. Synthetic leather is a smarter choice. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, PU leather is often considered the more environmentally friendly option. Its production process is environmentally friendly, contains no harmful substances, and can be recycled. In contrast, the production process of PVC leather will release toxic gases, such as hydrogen chloride, etc., which will have a certain impact on the environment and human health.


PU leather generally has better durability and anti-aging properties than PVC leather. Because it is closer to the texture and structure of natural leather, it is less prone to cracks, fading and deformation. In comparison, PVC leather is slightly less durable than PU leather and may experience surface wear and cracks after prolonged use.



Due to its advantages in texture, environmental protection and durability, PU leather is often widely used in high-end bags, footwear, furniture and other fields. PVC leather is often used in lower-cost products, such as office chairs, car seats, etc., as well as some products that require special surface treatment.


The price of PU leather is usually higher than that of PVC leather, but comparisons must be made based on the specific thickness and texture. Due to cost considerations and product structure considerations, a considerable number of customers choose PVC leather.


In general, although PU leather and PVC leather are both artificial leather materials, they have obvious differences in material, texture, environmental protection and use. When choosing, we should determine which leather to use based on specific needs, market positioning, etc.

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