The production process of a high-quality cooler bag - Chiterion

The production process of a high-quality cooler bag - Chiterion


1. Research and Design

Prior to the production of a cooler bag, we discuss with the customer about the perfect cooler bag. Based on the colors, sizes, logos, materials, etc. provided by the customer, we conduct research and design an optimal cooler bag. At the design stage, depending on the purpose of the bag, the customer needs to consider factors such as size, capacity, insulation material, heat or cold retention time and additional features (such as pockets, zippers or shoulder straps to carry the weight, etc.).

 Material Selection

2.Material Selection

Material selection is critical to creating a durable, reliable and efficient cooling bag.

Insulation foam is responsible for maintaining the desired temperature inside the bag and can be made of EPE foam, aluminum foil, pe, etc. Therefore, it is important to carefully select these insulating materials based on their properties. In addition, the outer material of the cooler bag should be made of durable and waterproof fabric to ensure the longevity and moisture resistance of the cooler bag.


3. Cutting and Preparation

After selecting the internal and external materials, we utilize the precise measurements taken during the design phase to cut the fabrics we have selected to form the main body of the cooler bag.

During the assembly process, we will make a sample first, and only after the sample and customer confirmation will we proceed to mass production.

During the assembly process, special attention is paid to accuracy to ensure that the right sizes, zippers, straps, handles and other additional features are ready at this stage.


4. Sewing and Assembly

After cutting the fabrics, our skilled workers assemble the finished fabric panels using specialized machines such as sewing machines, high lathes, flat bed lathes and other techniques suitable for reefer bags. These specialized tools are used to reinforce the seams to ensure the durability of the bags, and the insulation is carefully integrated to achieve effective temperature regulation.



5. Attachment of Components

At this stage, additional components such as zippers, handles, straps, lobster clasps, eyelets and pockets are securely attached to the cooling bag. These components can be added or subtracted according to the applicable scenarios of the product or the needs of the customers to improve the practicality, convenience, fashion and functionality of the cooling bag.



6.Quality Control

Quality control plays a vital role in every cooler bag meeting the highest standards. Stringent quality checks are carried out from the cutting of the fabric to the production process to ensure that the cooler bags have a minimum of defects, such as irregular stitching, components not being fitted in the correct position, failing a sealing test, etc. This step ensures that only perfect cooler bags are produced. This step ensures that only flawless products make it to the next stage.


7. Testing

After a cooling package is manufactured, samples of the package undergo rigorous testing in order to verify the performance and overall functionality of the insulation. We create specific environments to test the cooling bag's ability to retain heat, how well it wears on the outside, and whether or not the bag is leak-proof. This step ensures that the cooler bag maintains the temperature of its contents for a long period of time.



8. Finishing Touches

After passing the testing and quality assurance of the cooler bags, we carry out the final finishing touches. This includes the branding elements of the packaging, such as logos, labels and other customized designs that reflect the brand.



9.Packaging and Distribution

Carefully packaged reefer bags to ensure that the reefer reaches the customer in perfect condition.

Each reefer bag is individually wrapped to avoid damage during transportation.

Finally, the cooler bags we make are distributed through wholesalers, retailers, e-commerce, promotional companies, and other platforms so that customers who need cooler bags can purchase the cooler bags they want.


Producing high quality cooler bags involves a meticulous process that focuses on researching the properties of various materials, providing stylish designs, material selection, assembly, quality control, and testing.By adhering to these steps, Chiterion, a manufacturer of cooler bags with more than 16 years of experience, ensures that the insulated bags are cold and heat retentive, rugged, and aesthetically pleasing, and are able to keep their contents at the freshness and temperature during outdoor activities.


Whether you're an outdoor sports brand or a promotional company, investing in a well-designed, professionally manufactured cooler bag will ensure brand promotion and customer loyalty.


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