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May 12, 2024

Article author: Doris Chan

You may be asking why you should use eco-friendly shopping bags or reusable shopping bags. Don't regular disposable plastic bags work just fine? But today I'm going to tell you that eco-friendly shopping bags will be better than plastic bags. And the benefits are numerous!

1. Environmental shopping bags bring environmental benefits:

The promotion and use of environmental shopping bags can reduce environmental pollution. Eco-friendly shopping bags have less impact on the environment. Plastic bags are disposable and are discarded after use and take hundreds of years to be degraded. This not only pollutes the environment, but also affects the ecological balance. Eco-friendly shopping bags can replace disposable plastic bags and reduce the production of plastic waste, thus reducing pollution of the environment.

Promote sustainable development. The production and use of eco-friendly bags is in line with the concept of sustainable development, which helps protect the environment and supports the recycling of resources.

2. Reduce resource waste:

environmental bags can be reused, reused hundreds of times are firm. Durable and easy to clean. As the environmental protection bag can be reused, reducing the use of plastic bags and other disposable plastic products, is conducive to resource conservation. The most important thing is that environmental protection bags can save energy, reduce energy consumption. The annual production of plastic bags need to consume a lot of oil, the production of environmentally friendly shopping bags will not produce toxic chemicals like ordinary plastic bags, and the production of environmentally friendly shopping bags energy consumption is much lower than the production of plastic.

3. Cost-effectiveness:

In addition to environmental pollution and waste of resources, the use of environmentally friendly shopping bags can bring more long-term economic benefits. Enterprises in the purchase of a number of environmental protection shopping bags can reduce the frequency of procurement of disposable plastic bags. Enterprises may purchase four quarters of plastic bags a year, while the environmental protection shopping bag enterprises in the case of calculating customer traffic, once a year procurement is not a problem. And printed with the corporate logo of the environmental protection shopping bags can allow users to free for the brand to play a promotional role. Imagine, reusable shopping bags are used for everyday use, then the corporate brand with the shopping bag to reach the scene and increase the exposure of a large number, which undoubtedly reduces the marketing costs of enterprises.

4. Protect human health:

Eco-friendly bags do not release harmful gases and chemicals like traditional plastic bags, no adverse effects on human health.

5. Enhance people's awareness of environmental protection:

The use of eco-friendly shopping bags can show others that the company or brand supports and cares about environmental protection, thus enhancing the environmental awareness of people around.

In addition, there are some specific advantages, such as fully biodegradable bags are made of natural materials, do not contain environmentally harmful chemicals, can be quickly decomposed in the natural environment and so on.

In fact, the so-called environmental protection bags, generally refers to its production materials can be naturally degraded, and is not too long to be degraded, at the same time, can be repeated many times the use of the bag, we can be called environmental protection bags.

Then in accordance with this conceptual understanding. Eco-friendly bag is a general term, specifically according to the material to points, categorized as follows:

 1. Non-woven bags: 

Non-woven environmental shopping bags, on the other hand, has good air permeability and waterproof performance, can prevent food spoilage, better protect shopping goods. Non-woven shopping bags can usually be used as a tool for corporate trade show promotions, retailer event promotions or wine merchant promotions.

2. Jute bags: 

The use of natural hemp shopping bags made of very strong, and is biodegradable. Hemp has natural antibacterial and anti-mold properties, very suitable for placing food and other perishable food. Many brands will choose hemp shopping bags as fashionable items, such as Muji launched hemp shopping bags.

3. Canvas shopping bags: 

Canvas texture is very wear-resistant, canvas shopping bags are suitable for carrying heavier items, and not easy to break. Simple style is loved by young people, as a fashion bag or corporate gifts are a good choice.

4. Cotton shopping bags: 

Cotton is a natural material, is also biodegradable, is a common material for environmental protection shopping bags. The cotton surface is suitable for fine pattern printing, long-lasting color, and as a promotional shopping bag by more companies to purchase.


5. Recyclable shopping bags: 

Recyclable shopping bags are usually made of recyclable materials, this shopping bag is more environmentally friendly. For example, recycled pet, recycled cotton, recycled hdpe, recycled leather, recycled canvas, etc. These recycled materials are usually recycled, cleaned, categorized and processed in multiple steps, after processing and ultimately returned to the raw material, and then into the production of environmentally friendly manufacturing shopping bags. Eco-friendly shopping bags can be used in a wide range of industries, such as fresh food, clothing, toys, documents, etc., can be loaded with eco-friendly shopping bags.

In general, the use of environmentally friendly shopping bags for the protection of the environment, saving resources, maintaining human health is of great significance. Using eco-friendly shopping bags is not only responsible for the environment, but also a kind of social responsibility. Each of us can express our love and care for the earth by using eco-friendly shopping bags.

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