The accessories used on cooler bags-zippers

May 17, 2024

In last article we talked about the most 5 popular shell fabrics are used for cooler bags. Actually to make the cooler bags functional and unique, except the outer fabric, there are lots of accessories used on cooler bags, like zippers, webbing, buckles, Velcro, buttons and etc. Today let’s take a look of zippers.


To ensure cooler bags can be opened and closed freely, zippers are needed. Normally the zippers are used at top opening, front pockets, side pockets and inside pockets.


There are 4 components of zippers, zipper tape, zipper teeth, zipper slider and zipper puller.


There are different types of zippers, based on the material of zipper teeth, there are 3 main types, nylon zipper, metal zipper and plastic zipper, see images as below.


For nylon zippers, the zipper teeth color is normally matching with the zipper tape color, and it can be customized almost any color you want. There are also gold and silver teeth for nylon zippers.


For metal zippers, there are 3 colors of zipper teeth, gold, silver, gun metal.


For plastic zippers, the zipper teeth color is normally matching with the zipper tape color too.

Nylon zippers are used more often than the other two, metal zippers look high-end and are much more expensive.


For zipper tape color, most of the time it’s matching with the main fabric of cooler bags, but sometimes we use contrast color too, it makes the bags more special.

Except the normal zippers, there are also invisible zippers, which often used at inside pockets and some special outer pockets.

There are also special functional zippers such as waterproof zippers, with it the cooler bag can keep items inside warm or cool for a longer time.

There are different sizes of zippers too. Take nylon zippers for example, there are #3, #4, #5, #8, #10. The bigger the number, the bigger the zipper teeth and the wider the zipper tape. The zipper slider and zipper puller size is matching with zipper teeth size. Please see below image with the detailed sizes of the zippers.

On cooler bags, #5 zippers are used most often, only for some big cooler bags and backpack cooler, we use #8 zippers.


#3 zippers are normally used on inside pockets.


There are many different styles of zipper pullers, like plastic, zinc alloy and rubber. They are all used very often.

For zinc alloy zipper pullers, they can be coated with any color you want, normally matching with the zipper tape color. They also can be made with metal colors, like gold, silver, gun metal, antique and etc.


The shape of zipper pullers can be customized, and logo can be added to the zipper pullers. Normally it takes 8-12 days to custom make the zipper pullers with logo.


We can also make the zipper pullers with the body material of the cooler bags, like polyester oxford, PU, canvas.


Based on the above information, if you need to make a cooler bag now, do you have any idea about the zipper and zipper pullers you want to use?

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