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April 12, 2024

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Hello, dear adventurers! Today, as a little science helper of Chiterion cooler bag manufacturer, we will explore an everyday item - insulated bags. Do you often see it in outdoor activities, promotional events, picnics, camping or food delivery services? Then after reading this article you can learn the scientific principles behind the insulation bag and learn some practical tips to make the insulation bag a good tool for your daily life.


Thermal Cooler Bag Insulation Principle:

How does a cooler bag manage to keep food warm for a long time? In fact, the insulation principle of cooler bags is based on the physics of slowing down heat transfer. Cooler bags are usually made up of three layers of material: an inner layer, an insulating layer, and an outer layer.

- Inner layer: Because of the need for direct contact with food, the inner layer of the insulated bag usually uses food-grade materials. Such as aluminum foil, food-grade plastic, food-grade pvc, etc., safe and non-toxic, easy to clean.

- Insulation layer: this is the core of the insulation bag, usually using foam, pearl cotton or reflective materials (such as aluminum foil) or other insulation materials. These materials, when utilized inside the insulated bag, can effectively block heat transfer by means of conveyance, convection, and radiation.

- Outer Layer: The outer layer will be made of materials chosen according to the purpose for which it is to be used. It will generally be made of durable, waterproof materials such as Oxford cloth, nylon, and polyester. It not only protects the internal structure but also resists the external environmental factors.

When you put hot food or cold drinks into the insulated bag, the insulation layer acts like a valiant little guard, slowing down the loss or absorption of heat and keeping the food warm, whether hot or cold.

Usage Tips Sharing

- Preheating or Precooling: Before putting food into the cooler bag, you can preheat the bag in the refrigerator for a while by chilling it or preheating it with hot water. In this way the temperature inside the bag can be lowered or raised, which can greatly improve the insulation effect of the cooler bag.

- Reasonable arrangement of space: air is a good conductor of heat, keep a certain space to let the airflow can be better insulation. Don't pack too few items if you are packing chilled drinks, because too much air will accelerate the rise of internal temperature and reduce the heat preservation effect.

- Seal the bag quickly: after putting in food or drinks, the cooler bag should be sealed tightly immediately to minimize the loss of heat. In order to prevent the internal temperature from running out, do not zip open the cooler bag frequently.

- Regular Cleaning: Remember to clean the insulated cooler bag after use. Wipe the surface and interior of the insulated bag with a damp rag, which can be dried naturally with warm water and a little detergent. Regular cleaning to keep the cooler bag dry will also prolong its service life.

Chiterion's Exclusive Wervice: Customize Your Cooler Bag

At Chiterion, we not only offer the best quality insulated bags on the market, but we can also customize them to suit your needs. Whether it's the size, the material or the design, we can customize your bag to ensure that it is both functional and personalized.

When you choose Chiterion, you will enjoy the following services:

-Personalized customization service: You can customize the size, style, color, printing method, production process and corporate logo of the insulated bags according to your needs, and we will customize a unique insulated bag for you.

-Professional consultation and support: Chiterion has a professional design team and proofing team, we will provide the perfect solution according to your needs to ensure that the customized insulated bags meet your expectations.

-High-quality commitment: professional production line, experienced production workers, is with high standard materials and exquisite manufacturing process, to ensure that every customized insulated bag is of excellent quality.

Want to know more or customize insulated bags just for you? Please visit our official website or contact us directly, Chiterion is looking forward to working with you to bring more convenience and warmth to your life!

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