Inspection method of non-woven cooler bag

June 05, 2024

Non-woven insulation bags, also known as non-woven bags, are a green product, tough and durable, beautiful shape, breathable, reusable, washable, silk screen ads, marks, and long service life. Among them, how is the car-sewn non-woven insulation bag inspected? The following Chiterion for you to explain in detail.

1. Check the appearance of the insulation bag:

In the inspection of insulation bags, the first is to check the appearance of insulation bags. You can feel the thickness of the material used in the sample insulation bag by hand touch, compared with the cooler bag manufacturer to provide non-woven insulation bag sample bag, to examine whether the insulation bag manufacturers in the material shrinkage phenomenon; visual inspection of the color of the cooler bag in natural light, whether the color difference with their chosen color; with the sense of smell to identify the bag whether there is a smell, just finished the production of the insulation bag has a slight odor is normal, if the smell is very pungent. You can ask the insulation bag manufacturers.


2. Non-woven insulation bag sewing stitch gauge is one inch to five stitches, below this requirement, the line distance increases and the bag load capacity will be reduced.

Non-woven insulation bag inspection method


3. Check the wrapping part of the insulation bag:

Check the insulation bag at the teeth of the wrapped edge is back to the needle to reach two centimeters, otherwise it is easy to flood the open line break phenomenon; carry strap and bag body connection is played back to the needle, if not, then the bag's load-bearing capacity will be greatly reduced, sewing specimens in the sewing place at both ends, should be retained 4 stitches of the length of the sewing line and knot at the end, to prevent the sewing line from falling apart. A good quality non-woven insulation bag should be square, the bag body before and after the two pieces aligned, and the left and right two carry straps will be naturally relative.


4. Inch deviation test, with a graduated value of 1mm gauge on the non-woven insulation bag.


The above is the inspection method of a non-woven insulation bag, hope it is useful to you!


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